Just get a phone by your computer

This isn't SEO related, so bear with me.

Anyone in the tech support industry will know how frustrating it is dealing with end users over the phone, even when dealing with seemingly simple issues.

But this is compounded when people don't have a phone next to their computer. I had to explain to someone today how to configure something on their PC. I was talking to the non-technical guy on the phone who was relaying my message to his non-technical wife in the next room.
Was all rather frustrating.

But then there's the people who have a speakerphone somewhere in the room - if you want to talk to them about computer stuff, then you have to deal with having to repeat everything to get past the speakerphone.

Is it too much to ask that people just get a portable phone, or spend $10 on a phone extension lead. I like to think that it's not too much to ask to arrange for a phone next to your computer before you call someone for tech support.

It's been a couple of years since I did tech support / troubleshooting full time. I don't really miss it :)
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