Dynamic Currency Conversion

For New Zealanders dealing with people in the US or overseas, we have one distinct disadvantage - our NZ dollar is worth less than an American dollar, so if we price things in NZ dollars, we seem more expensive than we really are.

Of course, the answer is to convert your prices into USD using an automated currency conversion system.

I have been asked to have a look at Dynamic Converter, a javascript based system for doing currency conversion.
Dynamic Converter

I have previously managed this task by scraping an XML currency feed daily, and writing a widget for converting currency on each site, on the server side. It works well, but in all honesty writing the code was a pain in the ass.

The Javascript way

The proposition from Dynamic Converter is simple enough. Sign up for free, and put some Javascript code on your site to convert currency for you. The user can choose whatever currency you specify. The free account lets you have up to 10,000 page requests per month and requires a small logo at the bottom of your site (see logo at the bottom of this page)). To remove both these restrictions requires their USD$13 per month package.

What does it do?

I have installed it on this page. If all is running properly, the NZD amounts I mention below should have a USD amount next to them, at the current rate of the day, provided automatically by Dynamic Converter.

NZ $100

NZ $35

NZ $199

What it's for

This would be really useful on a shopping cart site, and Dynamic Converter have installation instructions for a number of different shopping cart packages - OSCommerce, Zen Cart and 20 or so others. Cool.


Installation should be easy. Unfortunately, on the RagePank site, my funky AJAX content calls got in the way and I had to modify the supplied code a little to make it work.
For the rest of the world that doesn't try to have Javascript functions declared within AJAX responses, I think installation would be very easy.
After defining your options, you get given a piece of Javascript to include at the bottom of every page where conversions are required.

Will I use it?

This is a good service. I can definitely see a use for it on an upcoming florist site I'm putting together. The service does what it says it does, and the 10,000 requests per month on the free option is more than reasonable.

This post is a paid review for Dynamic Converter.

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