Buy Propecia - How blog spam brings you traffic

I was having a look at my site stats from yesterday, and came across a result I wasn't expecting.

Apparently someone found me for "buy propecia"???

This seems odd, because I don't sell propecia, and because it seems like a really good profitable phrase to be ranking for if you do happen to be selling propecia.

Buy Propecia

I decided to check it out further.

Turns out I have a number 3 listing on Google NZ (NZ sites only) for the phrase.

Buy Propecia - SERPS showing a number 3 result

This is not meant to be a gloat post. Getting ranked for that phrase in NZ only is not significant. Though internationally, I imagine it would be a great result to have.

Blog spam!

The reason I post about it though is because it's the blog spam that got me the listing. Some blog comment spam on this site that I was too slack to delete got indexed, cached and found.

I guess we will never know if the spammer got the sale or not.
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