2nd hand Link building for the Link Puppy

Lately I'm spending more time spamming (cough - I mean adding useful and relevant content) to forums and blog comments. Even if they are nofollow links, it's all about brand building and getting your name out there. Good comments on good blogs do bring in traffic.

2nd hand link building

A friend of mine, known as the "shadi-master" (you know who you are) used to date another friend's ex-girlfriends. We called this a second hand girlfriend - a crude phrase I know, but I'm older and nicer now.

Same concept applies to link building. Find a site you like, find their backlinks in MSN / Yahoo, and then run round like a little puppy picking up the same links.

I have used this trick before a few times.

It's happening to me

I know the SEO world isn't all that vast, but I have recently noticed the same guy posting at the same blog comments and forums that I'm posting at.

I could be wrong, but I think they are sussing out my link profile from a backlink check. They are my link puppy.

Nothing wrong with this of course, but it feels like I'm being watched. I'm half expecting an email to turn up saying, "dude, can I have the password to such-and-such site so I can place a link there".


The thing to take from this is to build links where other people can't get them. I got a great link last year by writing an article for A List Apart, but it took 2 weekends of writing and tweaking after coming up with a unique idea initially.

The best links are not easy to copy. And the flipside of that is, if you are out to copy someone elses link profile, you may only end up getting their rubbish links and not their good ones.

Don't base your entire link strategy over throw-away second hand links.

Link Puppy

link puppy

I quite like this little phrase, so consider it coined.
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