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I have just released a beta of SEO Form - a Firefox extension which helps you with directory submissions and link exchanges.

The tool simply autocompletes common form fields for you such as title, URL, email, keywords etc. To help mix things up a little, you can enter up to 4 titles and 4 descriptions - each time you use the tool it will randomly pick a different title/description combo. Nobody wants all their incoming links having the same anchor text and description.

The SEO Form options screen

Above - the options screen for SEO Form, showing some of the fields you can pre-enter.

You can have up to 4 website profiles going at once. The idea is that once you find a directory you like, you can submit a few sites at once.

The goal is not to completely automate directory submissions. The idea is to pre-fill most of the form elements on the submission page, so you can then manually review and tweak each submission. If you are paying $40 for a submission you are nuts to trust automated software, and you should always use unique titles / descriptions on paid submissions. For free submissions, there is a little more room to move, and you can get away with a bit more automation.

List of Directories

If you are looking for a list of directories, try this one from web professor. Use Firefox, it will open up 10 directories in new tabs so you can submit to some and close the others. I find most directories are fairly low quality, but it's very quick to skip through them and sumbit your site to a bunch of free directories. Just close the tabs on any directories you don't like the look of.

Jim Boykin from We Build Pages also has a good list of paid directories that he recommends - I have used most of these and tend to agree with him.

But finding directories is not hard - there are lists of free and paid directories everywhere. Finding good free directories that offer good PR and are easy to submit to is hard however.

My personal experience is that it's worthwhile to put aside a couple of hundred dollars for paid directories (or more, depending on your budget). Start with directories like JoeAnt, Skaffe and Abilogic (all good directories that are reasonably priced). If you have spare budget, you can go for the biggies like Best of the Web (BOTW) and Yahoo! - these are good directories, but highly priced and there are probably better ways to spend $200 or $300.


Download SEO Form
More information on the SEO Form page. Please keep in mind this extension is beta, and my skills as a PHP coder are far far superior to my skills as a XUL coder.

Appreciate any comments.

Update 11 May 2009

This plugin has been updated to support Forefox 3, as well as up to 10 sets of data. Thanks to Michael Brandon of SearchMasters for getting this done.
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