PageRank - Don't get too excited

I'm a bit of a sucker for the little green bar at the bottom of my screen showing the PR of the page I'm looking at. Sometimes, I catch myself reading the PR before reading the content to decide if it's trustworthy or not.

I'm trying to stop myself from doing this, it's not healthy.

2 new websites

Near the end of last year, I launched 2 new websites. Both the same name, but one a .com and the other a .org
Both sitess will serve different content, free stuff on the .org (the main domain) and some paid stuff on the .com

Coming soon

As is my usual practice, I throw a quick coming soon page online, and point a few links at the domains. I'll slowly add content to the live site as I write it, so that the sandbox period should be almost up by the time I'm ready to launch properly.

The .org site I put up 10 or so short pages of unique content, and I'm growing this bit by bit. I also pointed a couple more links to the site from other domains of mine.

The .com site I forgot to do anything with. It looks like this...
Index of / Apache 2.0 (Debian) etc...

The result

As of last week, the .org is now a PR0 and the .com is a PR5.
I wasn't even aware there had been a PR update, and the PR5 is showing up across most Datacenters.

Go figure. Just don't trust that little green bar too much.
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