Pure Water Corporation

This week I launched a new site for Pure Water Corporation NZ, a company supplying iron water filters around New Zealand. These water filters are a handy mechanism developed in the Ukraine, which filters out iron and other bad stuff from farm water.
The logic is, that if the water is clean, it tastes better, and farm animals are inclined to drink more. Just like humans, cows that drink lots of water are healthy cows.

Pure water corporation - iron water filters

The site is a fairly straightforward design, based on Jojo CMS. Rather than trying to impress with bells and whistles, the goal here is to present the information clearly, quickly and informatively. Because the market is largely farmers out in the country stuck on dialup modems (anyone remember those?), the site is kept nice and lean, while still looking good. The printable stylesheet removes all the navigation and banners, so that the pages look good when printed - something many sites are still not doing.

While I'm not expecting anything fantastic to happen on the SEO front (due to the Google sandbox), you never know.
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Tags: sandbox