Environmental NZ

I launched a simple website for Environmental NZ yesterday. This site will serve as a forum for environmental engineers around New Zealand, and is owned and operated by a friend of mine.

Yes, I will sometimes design a website for 2 bottles of wine if you push me long enough :)

It's another CMS based site, and the success of any forum is based on how well the community is established - whether people feel the urge to post useful content, or just another haven for spammers.

The design is simple, and as usual, there is a strong focus on SEO. Most forums today still have ugly looking URLs - often including a session ID, and this is crazy when forums provide a free source of original content for your site. You just need to apply the same on-page SEO rules as you would any other page.

What's with the frogs?

Frogs are especially sensitive to their environment. If there are changes in temperature / radiation / environmental gases etc, chances are the frogs will notice it first.
If you come across a pond full of dead frogs, I wouldn't recommend going for a swim.
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