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We are in the process of employing another developer at gardyneHolt, and it's interesting to see how people present themselves via their CV.

For anyone wanting a web development job, here's a little feedback from the other side of the fence...

What we don't want to see

We are employing a web developer. We don't care about the 3 years experience you have working at McDonalds, or if the shift supervisor says you are "honest and reliable".

It's also of fairly small concern whether you like snowboarding in your spare time, or whether you are single, married, Hindu, Christian, gay or straight.

When you list the technical skills, be clear about this. If you did a 3 week ASP project at university, then you aren't an expert in ASP and it should be left off the CV.

What we *do* want to see

First things first - we want someone with the appropriate technical skills that can keep the customers happy. All your other peculiarities we can deal with later on.

We love right clicking on your code and looking at the source code. We want to see how your sites work in Opera, what happens with JavaScript turned off, how well Google has indexed your site, and how happy your forum users are. We will spider your site for broken links, and try SQL injecting your forms, after we have checked for W3C validation errors, tested the loading time on your pages and analysed your black hat SEO strategies.

If you are going for a position as a web developer, we can tell much more about your abilities from 5 mins looking at your website than you could ever put into your CV.

What to do

I'm not a recruitment agent, just a developer looking for another developer to join the team.
I would love to see a CV without all the traditional fluff, and simply a portfolio with good explanations of the projects. Use the CV to tell us stuff about your portfolio that we can't tell from looking at the source.
  • How big is the database?
  • How much traffic?
  • What did the site cost to build?
  • What increase in sales since you took over?
  • How you measure success on the site?
  • What was challenging, what was easy?
  • And an explanation of something technical that we wouldn't have expected?

Of the 10 CVs I looked at today, only 3 had example sites attached. Are we seriously expected to hire a full time web developer that can't show us an example website they have developed?
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