How not to write a homepage title

I regularly check rankings on most of my sites to see if I am appeasing the Google gods, and often I find myself laughing at other people's SEO tactics, especially those of my competitors.

This one I found quite amusing.

Home Fitness Equipment

I'm checking my rankings for a company that rents out home fitness equipment, so I google for "home fitness equipment" and restrict my search to NZ sites only.

I did find the number one result funny - Elite Fitness, a competitor who rents out fitness gear is ranking top for "home fitness equipment".

Home Fitness Equipment - Elite Fitness

Their title is Home - Elite Fitness.
No meta description.
Not much text content on the page.

You could say the page is pretty badly optimised. However the lazy title which starts with "home", and their title and URL containing the word "fitness", combined with a reasonable DMOZ description, which Google uses for it's snippet, is enough to win a top ranking for this phrase.

Anyone else find this amusing? Maybe just me. Perhaps I spend too much time staring at Google results.

DMOZ - The Open Directory Project

Many people have lost faith in DMOZ recently - it now seems nigh on impossible to get sites listed there. If you do have a DMOZ listing, Google will often use the DMOZ title or description in the search result. In this example Elite Fitness's snippet comes straight from DMOZ - the "3rd person" style in which it is written should be a clue.
Most of the time, the DMOZ description is as good as any, but you may wish to tell google to ignore the DMOZ data for your search result - simply insert the following meta tag in yout HTML...
<meta name="robots" content="noodp">

Here's the info from the horse's mouth.

Luck - the critical element of good SEO

This good result all happens because of luck this time round, but any good SEO strategy includes a certain amount of luck.

For the record, a title of "Home - Company Name" is probably the second worst title you could choose for your homepage, only marginally better than "Untitled Document".
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