Pictures 4 Schools

Another site recently launched is
This is a photo library service for kids, where kids can browse for images without having to worry about what happens when you search for "toy" in Google.

Pictures 4 schools - the image library for kids

The content comes from around 60 different photographers, from a pool of around 100,000 images. Not all of these are online yet, unsurprisingly scannng, tagging, and uploading this number of images is no easy task.


The site is now live and starting to pick up some Google traffic. We are yet to complete the payment gateway, after which time parents will be able to sign up online and have full access to the library.
Pictures 4 Schools thumbnails of plants and flowers

Some great image content makes this site interesting for all ages

The content is comprised mainly of images - this is the whole point. The site becomes a safe and organised way to view some good quality pictures on subjects that teachers will be covering in class. The owners of the site are both Authors, so there is a fair amount of original text content so kids can learn more about the images as they browse the site.

Have a look

This site is another example of an AJAX image gallery, something I'm doing more often these days. The site runs nice and fast on our new server, and the content is growing every day. Check out pictures 4 schools.
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