This week I launched the revamped Bambusero website. Mark Mortimer is a friend of mine and a talented bamboo craftsman. Mark makes creative things out of bamboo - bamboo fences, furniture, lights, beds, and water features.
Bambusero - NZ Bamboo furniture, fences, lights and water features

The Bambusero Website

As with everything I do these days, the site is based on my CMS or Content Management System. Mark has done a fantastic job of creating and adding the content, and has had a clear vision of the site from the start.

While using black backgrounds is universally accepted to be a bad idea for usability, the focus of this site is certainly the pictures which do tend to look better on black.

Some examples of the images on the site


The strongest part of this site is clearly the images of the products. Mark has photographed them well, and there is no substitute for good content - a joy to work with. The images clearly showcase what he does, and he has a wide range of projects and examples to look at.
To present the images, we decided to go with the magazine layout system I wrote for A List Apart, and this makes the presentation of the images clean looking and interesting.
Already the feedback has been very good.


From a SEO point of view, the site offers some big improvements, and fixes some technical errors of the old CMS such as bad URLs, bad redirects and the same meta tags across the whole site.
Amazingly, the site has always ranked well, espcially withing New Zealand. True, there aren't many bamboo websites in New Zealand, however I'm expecting the site to become more competetive on the results too.
Given the age of the site, a reasonable set of natural links and some great unique content, the site should see some good improvements over the coming months.

Have a look!

I think the site is well done, the content is great, and it should start doing well in the search results. If you are interested in seeing some creative uses of bamboo, this site is worth a look. Bambusero
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