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In the ongoing quest to pump up our traffic by getting creative with various link schemes, it's easy to spend way more time that you should aquiring crappy links.

Aaron Wall of SEO Book fame is promoting a new service called Review Me, intended to help people advertise their sites by creating buzz. Review Me is a painfully simple concept - pay people to write stuff about you.

Review Me

The going rate seems to be around the $40 - $250 mark, of which the blogger earns half of. Yes, this post is earning me $20. Seems like a lot, but then in a few months time, this page will likely be a PR5 page with a link to Review Me and no other external links on the page. I can think of worse ways to build links. The links are within the context of a unique page of text, and you have to admit the links are totally natural looking. There is no machine automation involved, all the reviews are unique and written by different authors to blend in with the site they are on. They are simply paying a blogger to write unique content. I like the concept.

The advertisers choose which sites they want a review on, so I don't see much potential for crap sites to make a killing out of writing low quality reviews. Sites are ranked by Alexa rank, technorati and estimated rss subscribers. Good bloggers could do quite well out of this.

This looks like a reasonably priced way to aquire some good publicity, some good links and a maybe even a good ole digging if you are really lucky. Building decent links is difficult enough, so it's nice to have another option available in our toolkit.
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