Make your customers laugh

I got the following email recently from V7N, attempting to woo me back to their SEO / webmaster forums which I haven't frequented for a little while...

V7N said...
Dearest beloved Sadu

We miss you. We love you. Your mother and I have been doing some deep soul searching, and we want you to come home.

The member of the year thread is up in the forum lobby, and Christmas just isn't the same without your vote:

(link here)

We also want you to know that, deep down inside, v7n isn't the same without you.

To show our heart felt appreciation for you, we've put together a Christmas Special:

If that doesn't warm your heart this holiday season, then you have no soul. No soul whatsoever.

Love and Kisses

Your Friends at V7N

A kiss from John Scott wasn't exactly what I had in mind this Christmas, but reading their shameless attempt to get me to click on their link did put a smile on my face. That's good marketing I say - what better way to start a marketing email than "Dearest beloved (customername)"?

What else do you need for Chrismas?

Happy new year everyone.

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