Can we please stop asking Matt his opinion on paid links?

I have recently been watching a few SEO videos and reading more blogs, and are surprised to see people are still asking Matt Cutts what he thinks about paid links.

Matt Cutts has been pretty consistent on this one - I think we all know his viewpoint on the matter.

There are lot's of questions I'd love to ask Matt, and I'd usually start by asking a question that I don't already know the answer to.

Such as...

  • How come low-PR scraper sites are still knocking established sites out of the SERPs with dupe content?
  • What is Matt's viewpoint on source-ordered CSS layouts?
  • How can I get German content on a subdomain ranking in (for example a New Zealand targeting the German market).

After that, I'd move on to ...

  • how are your cats?
  • tell us about the latest book you have been reading? and,
  • You should check out some of my recipes.

And once the conversation dries up...

Then, only after the conversation had totally dried up and we were sitting there waiting for the interview time to elapse while both prending not to be bored stiff with the interview that is clearly going nowhere - then I'd ask...
  • Matt, what is your opinion of paid links?
  • Is text-link-ads considered a paid link?
  • How can I show to Google that a link is paid without being penalised?

I'm pretty sure Matt Cutts values his time, so it makes sense that the webmaster community as a whole respects this and asks questions that we don't already know the answer to, can't easily be found elsewhere on the internet, and aren't totally obvious.

Sound good?
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