SmartyHost - Unresponsive, unprofessional

It's now 24 hours since I submitted a top priority support ticket to SmartyHost telling them my website is down. SmartyHost haven't responded, and the website is still down.

First, an apology

I hate to post this kind of thing on the blog (I'm mainly wanting to talk about positive things), but if SmartyHost won't respond to my urgent ticket in their own system, perhaps they will consider responding to a public cry for help.

Here's why I'm upset.

  • Customer emails me asking why his site is offline.
  • I visit website and see big defaced message saying "Your site has gone over it's disk space limit".
  • I didn't get any notification of this, it just happened.
  • I don't see the notification in my spam filter.
  • I submit a critical ticket through their system.
  • I phone the number on their website. But it's an Australian toll free 1300 number and I live in New Zealand, so the call is blocked.
  • I spend an hour searching for an international number for SmartyHost. Nothing in the white pages, yellow pages, or on Google.
  • I attempt to login to the FTP and reduce the amount of data, but my password isn't working (it's been several months since I logged in)
  • The system blocks me from getting to the reset password area so I'm unable to reset the password, and therefore unable to get into FTP.
  • I try to get into the database to chop some space there, but that's "on hold" too.
  • I email client in Australia asking him to call SmartyHost on their toll free number.

And something like this has happened before.

Common sense

Last time they cut off the account without warning, I managed to speak with someone and get a promise that they would notify me next time before chopping off service.

If I had to login every month to check disk usage on every website I have, I'd be out of business. I do rely on web hosts using common sense when it comes to these notifications, and SmartyHost have again demonstrated a lack of common sense.

It's also quite likely that I have been spoiled by WebDrive and Dreamhost, whose service has been quite spectacular.

Anyone else find it quite disturbing that an urgent support ticket can go unnoticed for 24 hours? Just because it's the weekend doesn't make it acceptable. There is every likelyhood that this ticket won't be seen until Monday morning - I'll update this post if this happens.

Update: Yep, it's now Monday morning and I just got a response to the ticket. That's a little over 48 hours for the "critical" ticket.


SmartyHost - Feel free to respond to my ticket, or here. I'd really just like the website back online, if that's not asking too much.
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