Targeting your anchor text

I think most SEOs would agree that targeted anchor text is one of the most important elements of SEO. Anchor text being the words used inside a link that points to your website. Personally, I have seen great results from using rich anchor text wherever possible on links I build.

If you offered to link to me with the text "Harvey Kane's website" or the text "Harvey's SEO blog" I'd go for the second option every time. But not without a little bit of negotiation first to make it "SEO Blog" or "SEO".

I wonder, why don't more people take the opportunity to target their anchor text when the opportunity arises?

A few months ago, I added the facility to the blog whereby you could choose your own anchor text on comments that are posted here. The logic being that if I'm going to give you a followed link, it doesn't cost me any more to give a link with proper rich anchor text.


Word gets around that this site will follow links, so I now get plenty of comments from SEOs looking to build links - which is the whole point, the site needed the comments. However, I'm a bit alarmed at the number of SEOs who don't grab the opportunity to choose their own anchor text for the link and end up using their own company name for the anchor text. Most companies already rank for their own name so why would you build more links with that anchor text?

I guess this post is just a friendly reminder to keep your eyes open when building links, and go for any opportunity to build links with rich anchor text instead of regular anchor text. Same goes for subpage links - if you get the opportunity to link to one of your subpages instead of simply the homepage - take it.
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