I'm joining in with Movember this year, and have just given myself the first proper shave in 12 years. Movember, for those not in the know replaces the month we used to call November.

The whole point of all this is to raise money for men's health charities, which is a great cause. But everyone really knows it's just a way of growing a stupidly large moustache that wouldn't normally sit well in civilized circles.

Here's me earlier today - my usual hairy self.
Harvey with a nice bushy goatee

And here's me after doing the deed.
Harvey all clean shaven

If you think I look like an ass without the beard, I'd probably agree with you. Wait until the end of the month when I have a stupidly large set of handlebars to go with it!

This is the first time I have been clean shaven since school, about 12 years. Depending on how hard I get laughed at, it might be the last time this happens for a while.

I'd appreciate any form of sponsorship that people are willing to offer - you can make a donation towards fighting prostate cancer - please use my registration number when making the donation, which is 127011.

All donations are made directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand who will use the funds to create awareness, increase support networks for those men who suffer from prostate cancer, fund research and scholarship programs.

Cheers everyone, I'll keep you posted with regular mo pics as things progress.
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