Some notes on the PR update

I generally avoid reading blogs and forums at PR update time, because it generally turns into a sea of whining and Google hate from some, while those that are doing well get all smug and cocky.

Either way, it's not great reading.

That said, I have just done a quick roundup of my sites post-update, and made a few observations of my own. I'll resist the urge to whinge or gloat, and just report my findings which may or may not be interesting.

  • Overall most of my websites dropped in PR this time around.
  • Many of my sites had inflated PR anyway - about 2 updates ago I got given a whole pile of PR5s on brand new domains with almost no links. It didn't make any sense then, and it's taken 2 PR updates for Google to align the PR with what I think it should be.
  • Ironically, about 5-6 weeks ago I noticed a large number of my sites "come out of the sandbox", ie start ranking properly for phrases I have been chasing for months. I likened this at the time to gettin' some Google lurve. I guess I'm surprised to get rewarded with great rankings then followed up by average-poor PageRank update.
  • My sites that (ahem) sell links didn't fare any better or worse than the sites that don't sell links. I question the power of Google's algo in this area.
  • The new PageRank values have no bearing whatsoever on traffic or income. I had a few PR5 sites revert to PR2 that still earn exactly the same as they did 3 months ago. Income is still the key metric to watch in this game.
  • Ragepank dropped from a PR6 to a PR5, which wasn't entirely unexpected. I noticed some of my high PR incoming links have been nofollowed recently, and some fantastic older links I have are moving further away from their homepages, which leads to gradual deterioration. The PR7 I had on at the start of the year looked considerably better credibility-wise than the current PR5, but I can deal with that.
  • I was expecting the Jojo CMS site to move from a 5 to a 6. It's been getting a steady number of homepage footer links from various sites as the word gets out. Many of these are low-PR or new domains, because we are still in Alpha stage with this project.
  • I have noticed sites with too many outbound / unrelated links drop from PR6 to PR3. Word on the street is that these sites rank exactly the same as they ever did. Is this Google's way of reducing the market value of the links on these sites without burning the relevance of their search results? If so, good idea Google!
  • Overall, I think Google did a great job of assigning better PR to my better sites, and poor PR to my rubbish sites.

That's my 2c. Let's now move on, and talk about more interesting things.
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