An empty inbox - several years in the making

I've done it. I've sorted all the emails in my inbox into folders and replied to a good number of emails that have been annoying me for some time.

Check it out...

Empty inbox

This is the first time in years my inbox has looked this good, so I thought it appropriate to screenshot it so I can reflect on my glory in the future.

This isn't to say I'm not busy - I have never had so much work happening at one time, and there are plenty of emails filed away in the archives that need to be actioned. But now they are all in one place so I can work my way through them methodically and without missing anything.
I have been really struggling lately with responding to the amount of enquiry generated by having a few blogs on the go and an open-source project. How do you keep on top of everything - if you answer every email immediately, it interrupts your workflow, and makes time tracking difficult for time-billable jobs. If you leave emails too long, it makes you look tardy, and there is the risk they fall off the bottom of the inbox and get lost in the void.

The more time I spend in business, the more I realize it's not enough to be good at what you do. You need the discipline to be able to say no to interesting jobs that you are too busy to take on, and to be able to properly manage the jobs you do have. And you need to keep that inbox under control. Let's hope I can make this new-found whitespace last.
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