Google should discontinue toolbar pagerank

Hands up if you use toolbar PageRank when you are evaluating the value of a link? I do - I'm guilty as charged. For all it's criticisms and obvious issues, the little green bar does an "ok" job of assessing link value.

If a site looks like it doesn't get much traffic, and it's a PR1, there's no way I'm going to spend time analysing backlinks and checking it's rankings. On the other hand, if that exact same site is PR6, I'm definitely going to take it more seriously when looking for that link. I know for a fact a lot of other webmasters do the same as me on this, so stop trying to tell yourself that it's not important to you.

Yes, I'm well aware that toolbar PR means little in terms of rankings, and it's only updated infrequently etc. This doesn't matter - PR is still the chief measure in determining link value for a lot of people / sites.

No toolbar PR?

Google hates paid links. Really, the best thing they could do to slow down the paid link trade is to remove the mechanism that so many people rely on for valuing links, the toolbar PR.


I wonder if this would piss a lot of webmasters off? I'm pretty sure it would. Does Google fear a PR backlash (Public Relations, not PageRank) if they were to disable PR (PageRank, not Public Relations)?

I still get emails from my clients when their PR increases thanking me for my good work. PR is a useful metric to a lot of people, not just SEOs.
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