Where for art thou Overture?

Looks like the Overture keyword research tool is missing in action. Has been for several weeks apparently, though I have been too busy with PHP coding to notice (not doing so much keyword research these days).

I wonder if it's going to come back? Information on it's disappearance seems scarce around the blogosphere, so it's hard to know if it's just broken, or if a strategic decision has been made to axe the thing permanently.

Doing a Microsoft

They have kinda done a Microsoft and removed the tool without adding any useful message to the user interface. For those who aren't with me, when MSN removed the backlink check functionality from MSN search, instead of a page of results you got a blank white page. It took me weeks to work out that it was actually Microsoft axing the service, and not a broken Firefox plugin at my end.

Doing a Google

I'm glad they haven't done a Google though - remove the API and replace it with something that is more-or-less completely worthless, while telling us about all the benefits of the new system. I'm refering of course to the Google API for getting search data from Google. When it was axed, Google trumpeted it as good news because we now had the AJAX API instead. Unfortunately, the replacement API did nothing that the original API did, and at least one developer was left with the distinct impression that Google was taking the piss.

If anyone sees a lost overture tool wandering the streets, please give it a cuddle and send it home to where it belongs.
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