WDANZ Auckland Conference coming soon

I'll be speaking again at the WDANZ Auckland conference, which will be on the 16th / 17th of October 2007. I thought it might be worth giving everyone a heads up on this as the last conference in Wellington was a great event, but attendance was fairly average.

My last post on the WDANZ Wellington conference got a few rather positive comments from those who attended, and those comments represent the general feeling of most attendees that were there last time round.

I'll be speaking again about CSS, though I haven't finalised the content at this stage. Last time I covered CSS background positioning and how to optimise your CSS code to make it teeny weeny small. I'd like to cover something else this time, for the benefit of those who were at the last conference, so I'll likely be making a presentation on CSS based navigation and all the issues surrounding this.

CSS Workshop

I'll also be running a full day of workshops on the 18th October 2007 with small groups covering various topics in more detail. Last time I took an old tables based website to bits and re-assembled it using CSS, explaining the logic of what I was doing on the way through. This covered how to float divs, how to actually plan what you are doing on paper before starting coding, how to beat IE6 into submission on 2 / 3 column layouts, and some tricks to minimise markup and make life easier for yourself.

These workshops are ideally suited at developers who have recently seen the light and moved away from tables, but are still struggling with the learning curve and browser difficulties involved with CSS.
I'd also like to show a few simple ways you can add javascript to websites to improve usability / speed - many developers still have a fear of javascript thinking it's either too complicated, or that it's only used for animating mouse cursors and flashing backgrounds.

Price, duration and exact content for these workshops is yet to be confirmed, but I'll update the blog when I have more information. We had some great feedback from the last workshops in Wellington, so I'll be working on improving the format from last time, and making sure the content is appropriate and relevant.


If you are in Auckland and thinking of coming along, I would highly recommend doing so. There is likely to be more going on at the Auckland event, with more name-brand speakers and more happening in the way of workshops, and plenty of networking opportunity.

Note: This isn't a sponsored post, but it's worth disclosing that I am a contractor to WDANZ. If you think that might taint my opinion, then feel free to ask around - I'm sure Dennis has a list of testimonials from the last event.
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