A surprise entry in Jim Boykin's forward links tool

Jim Boykin of WeBuildPages has just announced an improved forward link SEO tool. Basically a tool which checks your site and lists the sites you link to. Then, it looks through the list using it's own algo and highlights the sites that might be dodgy so you can manually have a look and delete remove the links if necessary. According to Jim, the also for determining if a link is spam is a "ninja secret", but I can see a few patterns emerging.

I ran the forward link SEO tool across this site and overall it did a fairly good job.

The tool suggested I look into a number of links, which could potentially be spam...
  • It pretty well picked up all my affiliate links.
  • A link to the SEO poker tournament (no surprises there).
  • Some sites I'm developing that are on brand new domains, and have very little PR / link power and might look a bit empty to a bot.
  • Links to various sites about SEO (which seems a bit odd to me).
  • Dodgy old Link Vault (also an aff link)
  • Some blog comment links left by an auto insurance site and others.
  • Some links to a gay website I used to manage
  • Some google queries I link to, and the Google Adwords estimator. This seemed a tad bit odd to me, perhaps it's because the URLs are long and ugly.
  • Jim Boykin's blog.

Yes, the tool suggested that a link to Jim's blog might be a problem link. Nice.

List of dodgy sites, including Jim's

In a world where everything seems to be biased one way or another, it's nice to see that Jim's tool will call his own blog out as being "possible spam". Great stuff.
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