How crap content defines you

I was doing my rounds of the blogs the other day and found it interesting reading some particularly crap content from people I respect within the industry. Without naming anyone, one blogger was saying that the main reason people choose an open source CMS is so that they can tinker with the core code. The other blogger was saying that you are crazy to use a CMS on a site with less than 100 pages of content.

The arguments put forward by these bloggers to support their viewpoint were a bit weak, at best.

Were they wrong?

In my mind, there is no such thing as a wrong opinion, providing it's supported by reasoned logic. These opinions weren't, and the guy making the point about not using a CMS on sites with less than 100 pages was using Wordpress and had only 53 blog pages indexed. Anyone else see the irony in this?


It occurred to me that these people were probably writing "filler" content for their websites. These weren't well constructed articles designed to be high quality link bait, rather they were designed to pad out the site with content and secure a bit of long-tail search traffic. I'm guilty of this too.

But from the titles of the articles you would think they were authoritative. As an intelligent blog follower, it's a little insulting to read content that clearly hasn't had any thought go into it, but assumes you won't notice.

I'm complaining here about publishing rubbish that isn't clearly marked as rubbish.

3 good ways to present content

  • Aaron Wall of SEO Book posts like there's no tomorrow, and the scroll bar on my RSS reader has trouble keeping up. His content is short and sweet, generally quite interesting, but clearly marked as opinion (by the style of the writing). His style seems to be very much "This is what I think is going to happen, you can take this advice or not".
  • A List Apart posts new content a couple of times a month, but it's generally worth waiting for. The content is presented as "best of breed" web techniques, and I know it's well thought out because someone has gone to the trouble of doing a custom illustration for each article.
  • My Mesothelioma website is clearly shite (I'm too ashamed to give you the link), but if the domain name wasn't a total giveaway, the multiple Adsense blocks should be a fair indication to the user that the content is total crap. The website does not pretend to be anything it's not.

This post is not about bad content, it's about bad content being found in good places.

Bloggers, if you are going to publish shite filler content for your websites, at least have the decency to plaster adsense all over the place as a warning sign to readers :)

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