The death of IE

Please forgive my being blunt here, but I fucking hate Internet Explorer.

It's one of the key things holding back the internet, and it has personally cost me and my employers thousands of dollars in lost time and wasted development.

The worlds largest software developer basically doesn't care and it becomes my problem to code around the things they are too lazy to fix in their browser.

Better alternatives

That said, it's my personal agenda to convert the world to better, alternative browsers.

About 6 months ago, I was checking out my site stats and noticed that my Firefox traffic exceeded my Internet Explorer traffic. Currently the majority (47%) of the visitors at use Firefox, and a good proportion Safari too, and that's fantastic to see. Typically on the sites I create, I see about 85% Internet Explorer, 10 - 12% Firefox, and the rats and mice shared between Safari, Opera and the rest.

Silverstripe pwns IE

Jojo CMS is one of the projects I'm working on right now. It's a cool CMS product currently as an Alpha release, and we are really pleased with how development is coming along.

I'm also keeping an eye on Silverstripe, currently the leading open source CMS in New Zealand. As it turns out, from an end-user point of view Jojo isn't entirely different to Silverstripe, even though it was developed completely independantly. It's cool to see how Kiwis think alike. I like their system, and totally rate it on a world scale.

Anyway. I'm reading Silverstripe's blog today and see they get 64% Firefox and 24% IE traffic. Wow.

Nice work guys. Hats off.

Then I check the stats for and I see that we are getting 62% Firefox and 27% Internet Explorer, and that puts a smile on my face. Not quite up to Silverstripe's standard, but respectably close.

The world is changing. At least in some areas, but it's good to see IE losing market share to companies which have a clearly better product.
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