Do Follow - would you like anchor text with that?

A lot of blog authors are joining the dofollow revolution, and are hacking their Wordpress installs to remove the ugly rel=nofollow attribute from comment links. I'd like to announce a new feature of this blog, and other blogs based on Jojo CMS, where a good comment is rewarded with not only a live link, but with your choice of anchor text.

A link is a link

As I see it, a live link is a live link and the cost to me is the same (no it's not free, the cost is in link juice). It costs no more to give a link with good anchor text as it does a link with poor anchor text. Personally, I have way too many links saying "Harvey" or "Harvey Kane" and not nearly enough links saying "SEO" or "SEO Articles" or "SEO Blog".

So, if you post a good comment on one of my blogs, I'll consider removing the nofollow. If it's an especially good comment, then I'll throw in the link text free of charge. If it's a crappy spam comment, I'm still going to delete it.

Follow suit by following links

I'd love to see other blog authors follow suit on this one. Comments anyone?
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