Dreaming, surely

I got some nicely branded marketing in the mailbox yesterday from Register Direct. They are selling domain name registrations and web hosting, with a nice affiliate package.

I have been signing up for affiliate schemes quite a bit recently, so this was interesting enough to read.

The interesting part
The interesting part of all this is that domain names are now a commodity, and in New Zealand everyone is selling the same thing at about the same price. The notable exception being Domainz, whom I moved away from years ago because of silly prices and poor admin interface.

I'm now paying between NZ$29 - $35 per year for domain names through Webdrive, but prices generally range from $25 - $45.
It wouldn't be surprising then that Register Direct's pricing of NZ$59.95 didn't excite me too much. $25 is a great aff payout, but their price is basically normal retail price + affiliate commission. Yes, I know this is how it normally works,

I wouldn't normally post about this, but...

Is it too much to charge almost $60 for something when everyone else sells exactly the same thing for $25 - $45? Perhaps a $10 affiliate payout would be more reasonable?

Personally, I'd rather take the smaller affiliate payout, and have a product I'm happy to promote. Certainly from a customer's point of view, I feel better when most of my money is going to paying for servers and staff, rather than affiliates.

This post isn't meant to be a dig
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