About RagePank & Harvey Kane

RagePank is a play on the word 'PageRank' (that little green bar that people get all obsessed with) - this quirky name goes over many people's heads, but also generates a lot of smiles from people who 'get it'.

RagePank has evolved over the past 3 or so years and is where I post my current thoughts and experiences, which often concern SEO or web development. It generates as much consulting work as I need to keep me constantly busy, but this is by default more than anything - first and foremost, the site is intended to be informative and entertaining.

I'm a New Zealander who works in Auckland and lives in Wanaka. Commuting 2000km each day isn't my thing, so I work remotely using the lovely - and I do mean lovely - fibre optic cables in my street.

Remote control

Last year I spent 9 months travelling Europe with the family, and working remotely at the same time. Working remotely from Wanaka is child's play compared to doing it from Europe, so you could say I have my systems sorted and are loving the fact I can do work for anyone from one of the best places on the planet.
We are very much here for the lifestyle - and if you have been reading up on the various Lifestyle Design blogs then this is exactly what it's about.


I'm an open-source zealot - PHP is my weapon of choice for most projects, but like most techies I like to try out new things whenever the opportunity presents itself. My design skills are average, so I like to work with designers and creatives when it comes to this side of the website. I love the backend automation parts of the website - making it easy to update a website, import products or content, and reducing admin work for staff as much as possible. Less maintenence = more profit.
In terms of SEO, my skills and interests lie in the technical on-page aspects of the process - helping people create sites that can be spidered easily, and contain the right content in the right places so search engines will notice. But it's up to you to make the content link-worthy, and subsequently build a well-linked website and online presence.

Properly done on-page SEO makes this rather difficult and thankless process a lot easier.

I find myself working mostly as a subcontractor - for designers or agencies who need some programming muscle behind their sites. As a result I don't maintain a publicly viewable portfolio as most of my work isn't officially mine (as far as the end client is concerned anyway). However I can show plenty of relevant reference sites if I know what you are loking for.


In the past, I have worked as a senior developer for GardyneHolt, as a SEO specialist for SearchMasters, and prior to that, a self-employed computer fix-it man. I'm currently a core developer of Jojo CMS and maintain a cooking blog called Meal Motivation.

I'm always on the lookout for interesting PHP-based development work and will consider most other requests, so let me know if there is something I can help you with.

Harvey Kane.