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Ragepank is the web development and SEO blog of Harvey Kane, a New Zealand PHP web developer and SEO consultant, specialising in on-page SEO.
Search engine optimisation articles & tools are published in the blog regularly, covering the technical sides of on-page SEO, link building tricks, what Google is up to, and the human element of this crazy business.

So what's this all about then?

On-page SEO is a collection of best practice techniques that need to be applied to your website. If done well, then search engines will have an easier job indexing your content, and will be able to display your listings in a more presentable fashion. If you content is good, and you are able to attract natural-looking links to your site, then you stand a good chance of getting those beloved page 1 rankings and the associated traffic / income that this can bring.

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How to get your spam in front of webmasters

A client sends me the following email this morning... I don't know what she is on about????????? -----Original Message----- From: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX [] Sent: Friday, 1 April 2011 8:43 a.m. To: Subject: XXXXXXX Form Submission This is an automated response, please do not reply. A visitor to XXXXXXX submitted the following information on your form. The address of the form is name: XXXXXXX XXXXXXX email: phone: submit: Submit reason: I really like what you post here,very fresh... 1 Apr 2011
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Nexus One vs Water

So my foray into the world of smartphones was brought to a short end over the weekend when my Android was destroyed by a minor spillage. At this stage, I'm wondering if smartphones are all they are cracked up to be, and whether I actually want to buy a replacement. I'm just not sure - I guess I expected a lot more from the Android. And so it ends It all happened one Saturday morning. The phone was on the floor under the bed, plugged into the charger. This may sound like an odd place to keep it, but there's a reason for everything. Firstly, the bedroom is one of 2 places in the house that... 22 Feb 2011
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Nexus One vs Iphone 4

A couple of weeks ago I got a shiny new Nexus One Android phone. I thought long and hard about whether Android was a better choice for me than iPhone and eventually decided that it was - although both platforms have their fair share of nice touches and frustrations. The purpose of this blog post is to convey my initial thoughts that went into the purchase process (specifically iPhone4 vs Android), and explain what I do and don't like about the Nexus / Android. I'm well aware that this topic has been covered before, but actually I was surprised at what things actually mattered to me once I... 10 Sep 2010
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How to get a non-profit Paypal account approved

Getting a Paypal account is quick and easy, you can be all done in less than 10 mins. However, for non-profit accounts, there is a rather substantial account review process that needs to be completed. This blog post documents what you should expect through this account review, based on my recent account setup for Wanaka Toy Library - which took almost 2 months to complete the review process. I hope the following step-by-step guide is useful to another charity / non-profit organisation, and reduce this to a more reasonable timeframe. This is aimed at New Zealand non-profit organisations,... 23 Aug 2010
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Trolls and email addresses

Privacy seems to be a fairly hot topic these days and I watched with interest when a local company made a bit of a blunder and the privacy police promptly jumped all over them. The offender was Paymex, a local New Zealand payment gateway provider that is sadly closing their doors - and bulk emailed an announcement all their customers without remembering to BCC all the addresses. Oops. I haven't used their service for some time, so this announcement doesn't affect me, I read the announcement, deleted it, and carried on with my life. However, not everyone was so contented and some... 7 Jul 2010
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Site contents

This blog can be thought of as a Search engine optimization (SEO) resource for intermediate level webmasters. Beginners might be scared off by PHPSESSID and duplicate content, but it's all important stuff if you want to compete with the big fellas.
  • SEO Articles / Blog - somewhat regular entries covering whatever is happening at the time. I like to think my SEO articles are interesting and relevant to website owners wanting to add a measure of quality to their sites.
  • SEO Tools - The >spam-o-meter is still a popular SEO tool for ranking the desireability of a link exchange partner. Also check out the redirect tool if you think your site is totally free from duplicate content problems (most aren't).
  • SEO Consulting / SEO services - Yes, I do offer paid SEO consulting, as well as the monkey work it usually entails
  • Web development outsourcing - A fair portion of what I do is working for other web developers or design agencies. You provide the design and manage the client, I'll do the rest.
  • Link exchange partnerships - No. I'm just kidding.

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